Jan 11 2015

#JeSuisCharlie – wait, who is Charlie again?


I am sorry people, but you are not Charlie. Most of you probably hadn’t even heard of the publication until it was too late.

Yes, terrorism sucks. I do understand “solidarity”… Let’s all make a big drawing of a machine gun that shoots brushes and pencils, see what wars that can win…

It’s all just a terribly stupid political game. It is obvious that freedom of speech is merely an expression, not a reality. Whoever thinks otherwise, and has practiced the theory, has likely been shot or arrested.

Freedom of speech – clearly, I am all for it. But… when SOOOO many other people have been terrorized and murdered by fanatical followers of Mo for their offenses, what did this cartoony magazine expect exactly?

If you put yourself in the middle of gunfire, you will more than likely be shot. Sad truth. Happens EVERYWHERE on the planet but for these fortunate places most of us call home. Actually, it happens here too.

Charlie, unfortunately, was asking for it for decades. Finally, it arrived. NO SHIT. Where’s the surprise? No surprise – just a sad shame this planet is riddled with bullies and assholes terrorizing artists. As if we don’t have enough trouble, being artists.


And, sometimes, when you can, make some love. Just, please, wear a condom. Idiocracy is on the rise, more than anything.

Jan 24 2014

www.pedrams.com : #3D #VFX #MoGraph #Graphics #Design #Illustration #Editing #Gallery #Portfolio

Its been a long time in the making… and FINALY I have a website that properly represents my variety of traditional and CG works of arts. Check it out, right here:


Dec 15 2013


At LONG LAST! Finally, I have a website to showcase all my lifetime collection of professional and personal illustrated works – everything from my early career in comic books, to characters, concepts, boards, exhibits… a regularly updated sketch blog… and last but not least, my STORE, to sell all these pieces of original  personal artworks to my fast growing fan-base ;) Check it out right here: www.Concepts.mobi



Nov 2 2013

TEASE, if you please!


Imagine, a comic book convention full of the most amazing, inspiring artists you’ve never experienced. Now, shrink that venue down to a small, intimate room and remove all the unfavorables – keeping only the attractive, well-dressed fans and most passionate creatives. Now, imagine these artists are instead the loveliest, sexiest, emotive, experienced women you could only dream to someday be in your immediate presence…

Then, each of these professionals takes turns playing and teasing on your every sense, seductively discarding each article of clothing, down to the absolute minimums…. while tingling even your funniest bone, too.

That’s where I was last night for two hours… Believe it or not, thanks to the one and only, Jude Terror and the Greatest Comic Book Website, The Outhouse, asking lil ol’ me to cover this event: Donna Hood’s “TEASE, if you please!” Authentic Burlesque Show – www.teaseifyouplease.com

Now, visit the website; visit downtown Los Angeles; visit Donna and her very talented friends. Stop imagining!

- Pedram Shohadai
Los Angeles Outhouse Correspondent

Aug 29 2013

Self-Employed #VFX #Artist #Advice


I’ve been a professional self-employed artist for 22 years. I’ve ever only had two “jobs” – each no more than 1 year. The rest of the time, I’ve kept quite gainfully employed.

A recent interaction with a client is to follow. This scenario is very common among most every self-employed artist. Keep shit straight and to the point. Don’t get screwed. This is how it’s done (within your scope of skill and service-ability):



My good faith to you was offering my service for a friend price as well as doing the revisions on notes that should have been provided from the start, as I requested from the start… Which under most any circumstance would have warranted overage fees, that I did not charge, rather provided the revisions in good faith.

It’s clearly not a matter of [$$$], rather, it’s business policy. The liability is yours, my job is complete. Original agreement was final payment upon proof of completion prior to final delivery. Proof has been made and final files cannot be delivered until paid in full.





On Aug 28, 2013, at 1:12 PM, [Client] wrote:

> Hey Pedram.
> I understand that this is the first time we have worked together and in good faith I sent you an advance before work was started. I just ask that you can reciprocate the favor and go ahead and send the final file so I can send
deliverables in order to invoice the client. I appreciate your patience in dealing with a complicated client and their revised art direction.
> I am interested in furthering this work relationship. I don’t get a lot of requests for digital rendering, but I would like to look to you when I do.
> I’m looking to get a partial payment for this project in advance. I will deposit the remainder of the balance, but it may not be till Wednesday next week.
> Please let me know if this is an issue.
> Thanks for your understanding in this matter.
> [Client]
> On 8/28/13 3:02 PM, “Pedrams” <p@pedrams.com> wrote:
> Great – Yup, once I get the final payment, either I will email the final [files] directly or send you a link to download.
> Best,
> Pedram
> www.pedrams.com
> www.pedrams.me
> www.youtube.com/pedramspress

Jul 26 2013

300 Post-it #Doodles #Exhibit at #Bergamot Station?


Year was 2011 – I had conceived of over 300 original ball-point pen and ink Post-it illustrations and a number of large ones over a few years period, and with each one painstakingly matted and framed, the James Gray Gallery at the world famous Bergamot Station in Santa Monica, Ca wished to exhibit these works. It was my first of a few exhibits with these pieces.








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