To be, or not to be… GAY!


Hmm, I live in a bubble, no TV and generally disinterested in knowing much beyond my sphere. But it’s nice glancing over tweets and status updates for a readers digest of what’s happening “out there”…

Which brings me to same sex marriage: I voted no to Prop 8…. But frankly, after 18 years marriage to the same beautiful, smart and spiteful woman, I feel I have a little more experience in this area than Dr. Phil. And If you know me, you know I have mixed feelings on the topic to put it simply.

The opposition who believes that homosexual marriage and acts are a slippery slope, just may be speaking from experience… Or, simply little valid reason. Concerns about children being raised by same sex couples and how this may have a negative impact on these kids and society at large, is a bit hard to swallow.

In the end, all a kid really needs is proper love and guidance from men and/or women. Clearly there is no shortage of fucked up heterosexually raised people out there. It’s not like if boys are raised by gays, that their friends will come over asking if junior can come out of the closet and play – or that, instead of boys being boys and blowing up shit, they’ll be blowing each other.

Debates and comparisons between homosexual behavior to sexual deviants in the animal kingdom, are a bit silly as well. Take for instance the African male lion mounting another African male lion: such sexual deviation is seen often, though considered rare in nature. But if you take a look at the Bonobo monkey species, homosexual behavior is a regular part of their social interaction. And so is diddling their own baby monkeys… Hence, comparing animal nature to human nature is simply not a good point for debate… For either side.

And that’s really the issue: everyone trying to force their ways on each other. IMO, just let people be and they will inherently be good. Love has no bounds but those imposed. It’s the oppression of human nature that causes social deviants. Its the people fuckin each other up that’s the problem… Not those simply fuckin each other.

Which leads me back to topic:

After all these years, I have come to one conclusion: I would NEVER put someone I truly love through the pain of a lifelong marriage to me!

But in the end, my feeling is: if anyone – same sex or not – any couple who has that sort of glutton for punishment and really wants to own their love cake and eat it too… I say enjoy!

My only request: don’t eat my cake.



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